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About Verlaine

Verlaine Crawford has traveled the world speaking and leading seminars in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Bali, Europe, and across the U.S. She studied International Relations and psychology at UCLA and was Vice President of marketing and sales for high tech companies in Silicon Valley and Irvine. Verlaine has served as a business and personal consultant for over 20 years to a wide variety of individuals and organizations from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Verlaine’s clients have included Microsoft, AT&T, General Electric, IBM, American Express, Bank of America, and more. She was VP marketing and part-owner of two software companies in Silicon Valley and V.P. Sales for the Lodge at Pebble Beach. She is president of Crawford Marketing Consultants. Books authored by Verlaine include: Ending the Battle Within, Daughter of God,A Planetary Vision, and Endless Shades of the Mystical Rose.

Verlaine has given Keynotes, lectures and seminars nationally and internationally to corporations, hospitals, non-profit organizations, networking groups and associations for over 30 years. She has served as a personal and business consultant, specializing in marketing, for executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, high tech start-up companies, resort hotels, interior designers, real estate firms, hospitals, non-profit organizations, retail, and more.

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