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By Verlaine Crawford

Why do we think that we are not fully connected to our energetic flow? What makes us doubt our intuition? What is it that stops us from creating all that we desire?

Verlaine Crawford’s book, “Ending the Battle Within”, and seminars, will help you to understand that you may have collected and stored beliefs that make you think that you must always struggle in order to become successful and to feel fully alive. What if BEING who you truly are could make the difference?


First and foremost, we need a healthy body mind and emotions. We need to maintain and encourage our personal "temple" to be strong and vibrant.

By working with the concept of “Ending the Battle Within”, we realize that parts-of-ourselves may hold beliefs that they think it is helpful to create illness or accidents. By communicating with those sub-personalities, we learn what their hidden reasons might be. Once we understand what they think the "advantages" are in manifesting a health problem, they can be integrated into the whole by the Creative Part of Your Being, which always has the answers to any question.

Whether your problem is gaining weight, a simple cold, or a life-threatening illness, it is helpful to contact the sub-personality that may think it is somehow protecting you by stopping your interaction with the world, by taking you out of your everyday routine, or helping you to get the rest and relaxation that you may need. Verlaine’s Infusion Integration Technique provides all parts of you with a win-win situation.


Abundance is evident everywhere in nature. From the amazing multitude of fruit on a single tree to the millions of fish, fowl, reptiles, animals, and humans on earth, flowing abundance is evident and natural.

Wealth is more than money, it includes the opportunities, goods and services, and the many gifts that we receive. By understanding how to work with our sub-personalities who often hold opposing beliefs, we can integrate those parts-of-us that believe it is better "not" to be wealthy. We can change our minds and enjoy all the wondrous events, the beautiful items, and the many gifts and sharing that money can buy.

Verlaine helps you to see that there are parts of you that hold a long list of reasons to be wealthy and another list that says it is better not to be rich, thus creating the battle within. By learning how to integrate the parts-of-us that think they are helping by keeping us barely surviving or having just enough, you can use your full power to create abundance and all of your heart’s desires.


From the moment we are born, we need love in order to live a healthy, happy life. Through our maturing years, friendships, family support and educational alliances can make a difference in whether we will grow into all we can be. Adult friendships and romantic relationships continue to nurture and support us through our times of success and failure.

Verlaine Crawford clarifies why parts-of-us create conflict and block the enjoyment of a committed loving relationship. We see how parts-of-us are showing up outside of ourselves in the form of negative and positive people who act out what we are feeling inside of ourselves. Other people become the mirrors of what we are thinking and feeling. They show us what we haven't wanted to see inside of ourselves.

By integrating the opposing sub-personalities, we can create a peaceful environment inside and outside of ourselves. As we eliminate outdated beliefs that stop of us from loving ourselves and others, we can share our hopes and dreams and enjoy joyful, harmonious relationships in all areas of our lives.


Creativity is the healing force of the Universe moving through our hearts, minds and bodies. Music, art, dance, theater, writing, speaking, singing, fashion, sculpture, architecture, cooking, business - all types of self-expression help individuals to feel fulfilled and worthwhile.

Creativity is our direct connect to the spiritual flow of energy that moves in and around us. It can be fed by our intuition and it is best when it is a fun, playful, joyful experience.

Through our educational process, many children are taught that creativity is not an important part of their lives. It can be a hobby, but not something to pursue as a profession. It has been linked to the idea that artists don't make money. This is another belief that it is not true. It may be true in some people's lives, but the concept of Ending the Battle Within is to see that you can change your life by changing your beliefs.

You can open to the creative part of you to manifest all your hopes, dreams and self-expression by learning how to transform the mind, integrate opposing beliefs, and then begin Ending the Battle Within.

For more information contact Verlaine Crawford at 949-422-7602.

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